Who We Are...

We provide a non-judgmental atmosphere to learn, grow and

explore the options for enhancing one's lifetime journey.

We offer private phone sessions, in-person sessions and
group gatherings by appointment.

Session Services Offered:

Clairvoyant Sessions

Animal Communication

​Medical Intuitive Assessments

Native American Feather Medicine

Metaphysical & Spiritual Life Coaching​
Meditation and Internal Balance Training
Intuitive Astrology & Numerology Charting

Reconnective healing

Matrix Energetics


Our Code of Ethics

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Meet Our Advisors

Catherine Hughes

Animal Communicator

Catherine is an Animal Communicator 

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for her bio.

Mark Allen


Mark is a Psychic Medium 

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for his bio.

Ginny Blankenship

Energy Healer

Ginny is an Energy Healer

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for her bio.

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