Catherine Hughs


Catherine Hughes, began hearing animals talk with her while dog sitting in the late 1990's. She really had no knowledge about animal communication at the time. It really wasn't even on her radar, but when it kept happening with each animal that she sat for, she couldn't deny it. Then, in 2003, she took a class given by Amelia Kinkade, author of "Straight from the Horses Mouth". From there, she learned that she could also communicate with animals Living in Spirit. That lead to communication with humans in Spirit, as well as Angels and Spirit Guides. 

She now works with animals all over the world, and also doing what she calls "Life Path Readings" for humans. She does this with help from their loved ones in Spirit, and/or their Guides. She also speaks telepathically with autistic children who are unable to verbally speak for themselves. After following the protocol given during the reading, many of these autistic children have found their words and are speaking again. Catherine, includes an Audio recording file of your Reading/Session.

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