Ginny Blankenship

energy healer


During my very first Tarot card reading once in the mid ninety's, I was
told that I was going to travel all over the country doing energy
healing work. I thought she was crazy as I knew nothing about that at
all. But as it seems in my life I am always the last to So
guess what, that is just what has happened, I have traveled all over
this great country doing energy healing sessions and now I even have
done distant healings in Europe as well.  

No longer do I travel great distances and at this point I primarily work in three modalities although I have learned two others as well. I do Reconnective healing, Matrix Energetics and Native American Feather Medicine. I also use Young living essential oils at the end of session. My work is a little different though than most energy healers as I spend time before the session going over what I pick about the clients total mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of their well being. This is done so that before the healing they can get to know themselves a little more and to understand more of why they may be sick, or feeling depressed or understand their spiritual strengths and weaknesses. 

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