Mark Allen

Mark Allen Psychic Medium Life Path Advisor


Mark Allen, is a Spiritual Messenger and Life Path Advisor with over 15 years of experience helping people on their Metaphysical and Spiritual journeys. Mark is able to utilize his abilities which include Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Spirit Guide Work, Medical Intuition Assessments, Remote Viewing / Lost Items, Past Life Regression and Dream Interpretation, to help as you navigate your life path. 

Mark is a follower of truth, a believer in faith and a guide through the universe. While a gifted Psychic Medium, as an Ordained minister, Mark also has a deep and profound faith as well as extensive knowledge of several religious philosophies. His approach is open, honest and very direct. Choosing to avoid wrapping your message in a pretty package, instead Mark gets to the point and, in the process, passes no judgement as he sees himself simply as the vessel that is guided by the power of the universe. 

Mark encourages questions and discussion as you work together to seek the truth in your journey. Your questions, your feelings and your journey is very important to him. He also teaches Meditation and Internal Balancing classes. Mark, includes an Audio recording file of your Reading/Session.

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Jeannie ... Mark is a gifted Psychic Medium, his accuracy is Incredible! His delivery of the messages he receives are direct and on target! Besides integrity, your time with him is the upmost importance.

Shannon ... If you have NEVER been to a Medium, then start at the TOP and go to Mark Allen! He gave me Great insight and I felt Empowered when our session was over !

Annette ... I know first hand the power of Mark's gift, his genuine desire to offer guidance and his ability to see the truth.  I found myself saying "How did you know that?", "I've never told that to anyone." and "You are amazing." many, many times.  By the end of my session I had realized truths I didn't want to face, gave myself goals I had new confidence I could attain and felt a newfound strength and positivity that has changed my life.