Our Code of Ethics

1. Your trust is extremely important to Us. Therefore, all things revealed in your session will be kept strictly confidential and will remain that way.

2. In every session, We strive to provide You with the highest and greatest truths, the most helpful and loving guidance, and the best connections with Spirit for the greatest good and healing of all beings.

3. As We work under the guidance of Spirit, We will never tell You about something negative or threatening without providing the guidance to heal it with You.

4. We choose to not make hard and fast 'psychic predictions' about the future.  In our session, We can explore how taking certain paths will affect the different areas of your Life and your Spirit's growth. Solid predictions, We believe, can undermine your personal and spiritual power to consciously choose the course of your Life. You have FREE WILL. Your Spiritual supporters want to assist You in obtaining the best outcomes possible - not to dictate your existence.

5. If before or at the start of a reading / session, One of Us feels that We cannot help You, We will suggest another trusted practitioner or course of action.

6. We choose to only provide readings / sessions for people 18 and over. No one under 18 can be present during a session.

7.Your readings should not be viewed or used as a replacement for proper medical care. If You are in need of medical or health assistance or consultation, We ask that You seek out a licensed medical professional in addition to any spiritual guidance You receive from Spirit.
8. We ask for all cell phones to be turned off and land line ringers be set on silent during the session. This will include our personal cell phone. We love all animals, but please keep them out of our area during the session. We will be recording our session on a digital recorder. It will available to You as a copy on flash drive, if requested.

9. Please be on time, and arrive with an open mind. Wear comfortable clothing- if You like, eat a light meal prior. Bring anything that You would like to share or use in your reading/session to connect with passed love ones.

10. You should always follow the laws of the county, state, province, and this great nation in which We live. What You do with the information that You receive from one of Us, at any time, is truly up to You, and We are Not responsible for your actions.